Mykhailo Glubokyi – Izolyatsia (Ukraine)

Episode 88 / 12 March 2022

Today’s edition is a special edition which – like our last episode in German – does not focus on culture and coronavirus, but tries to put the spotlight on the situation of the arts, artists and cultural institutions in Ukraine at this moment of war in their country in the heart of Europe.


In conversation with Martin Zierold

We are glad and honoured that Mykhailo Glubokyi has agreed to join us today. He is the Development Director of Izolyatsia, a cultural platform originally based in Donetsk on the site of a former insulation factory. They were forced out of the factory site as early as 2014 when the territory was seized, and it has been used as an illegal prison ever since. The cultural platform Izolyatsia has operated out of Kyiv until the Russian invasion on February 24th.

We talk with Mykhailo about the inspiring work that Izolyatsia has been doing in Donetsk as well as Kyiv, and it would have deserved a podcast in its own right as their work is exemplary for a open, multidisciplinary and inspiring artistic and cultural space. At the same time, in the light of the current situation, our first and foremost topic is the war in Ukraine and what people in Western Europe can do to help.

Izolyatsia Website – https://izolyatsia.org/en/

Izolyatsia Must Speak (Website about the illegal prison on the site of the former cultural platform) – https://izolyatsia.ui.org.ua/en/

Izolyatsia Youtube Channel – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCLr-CQ9eP5fF1YuCt285tCg

Izolyatsia Podcasts – https://izone.media

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