Sheena McGrandles – Dancer and Choreographer (in English)

Episode 33 / 28. April 2020

In this edition, we will be looking at the world of performing arts, particularly dance and choreography – an area which we have not given sufficient attention in the first few weeks of this podcast. We will be talking to Sheena McGrandles, a dancer and choreographer based in Berlin who works locally as well as internationally and in addition to her individual work is also part of two collectives curating spaces for the independent scene in Berlin, which were supposed to open this April. She will give insights how her artistic work has been affected by the corona virus crisis, and will shed light on the situation of freelance artists and the need for political awareness and action to keep the arts sphere alive and lively in the months to come.


In conversation with Martin Zierold

Sheena McGrandles is a dancer and choreographer living in Berlin. She works in different contexts such as theatre/stage, education and independent art and culture projects. Her current group of works explores illogical intimacies and radical temporalities as a means of detailed exploration and exaggeration of movement. Her works create hyper-real, multi-narrative and humorous moving landscapes. Sheena presents her works nationally and internationally, including London (The Place), Amsterdam (something raw), Berlin (sophiensaele), Mexico City (Museo Universitario Del Chopo), and Los Angeles (PSSST). She completed her BA at the Laban Centre London and later studied at the HZT/UdK Berlin, where she finished her MA in Solo Dance Authorship with a scholarship from the Studienstiftung des deutschen Volkes. In addition to her work as an artist, Sheena is one of the founding members of neuehäute, where she works on the development of new interdisciplinary platforms and formats for the independent scene in Berlin. In parallel she is part of the collective PSR (performance situation room) who currently curate the new Heizhaus at Uferstudios Berlin. Sheena has recently presented her new work FLUSH at Sophiensaele Berlin and her work FIGURED was selected for Tanzplattform Deutschland 2020 presented in March in Munich, just before the shutdown.



Emergency Relief for Queers & Womxn in Berlin https://www.betterplace.me/berlinrelief?fbclid=IwAR2LWLVyB-2FGlJSlBumCYV7_QCpCX4Ydrq-MujgsKY6ED4Tpq2q7K_hCmE

Steve Paxton about dancing (September 2011) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VDBbyypWLJM

kasia-wolinska : Letter against separation (April 2020) https://conversations.e-flux.com/t/letters-against-separation-kasia-wolinska-in-berlin/9874?fbclid=IwAR03mUTx_T_FAeOpn7VDY09q16vQ0BPY1NqJrlozUQ_RbgysX2Dr3j5Wv84

ZTB Berlin (Zietgenössischer Tanz Berlin ) http://www.ztberlin.de/en/

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